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Prices of the electric mid-drives kits manufactured by CYC Motor Ltd. for converting a bicycles into an e-bikes

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Purchasing a product usually requires consultation on your bike compatibility and discussion of additional kit options. That’s why we don’t have an online store. The only way to order and purchase products is by e-mail.

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The given prices are not a commercial offer in accordance with the law. They may change. Prices are guaranteed at the time of ordering by e-mail. Shipping costs not included. All prices include Polish VAT [23%].

CYC Motor X1 PRO GEN.3

Application: building a strong e-bike that requires strong components

*1.690 EUR

BSA 68-83, controller X6 (max power 3.500 W), display SW102 (max 52 V), without battery

Details and specification


Application: typical electric bike. KIT recommended for mountain bikes.

*1.490 EUR

BSA 68-83, controller X6, display SW102 (max 52 V), without battery

Details and specification


Application: hardtail mountain bikes and light full bikes as well as gravel bikes, trekking, city etc.

*1.290 EUR

BSA 68-83, controller X6P, display SW102 (max 52 V), chainring size 38T, without battery

Details and specification

* – Promotional prices. The duration of the promotion depends on the manufacturer.

No surcharges

For X1 Pro – choose one of three wide-narrow chainrings: 32T or 38T or 40T
For X1 Stealth – choose one of two wide-narrow chainrings: 32T or 38T
Choose one of two types of cranks (length): 175mm or 165mm

Surcharge for DS103 display (max 52 V)

39 EUR

Surcharge for APT 750C display (max 72 V) – 69 EUR

Surcharge for chainrings 34T or 50T

65 EUR

Applies to the PHOTON only

Surcharge for pressfit BB92 version

139 EUR

BB92 option only for X1 STEALTH GEN. 3 and PHOTON
X1 PRO GEN.3 BB92 is supported by choosing the BB 100 mm and using the appropriate adapter (not included)
Surcharge for 100 mm and 120 mm BB versions (fat bike): 89 EUR

Surcharge for brake sensors

29 EUR

Sensors require split wires 1-4 which are included in the price

Extension wiring to the controller

39 EUR

It allows you to mount the controller in a different place than at the motor (e.g. under the saddle) for better protection against water.
Surcharge for the whole set (wiring + mount): 79 EUR

Surcharge for headlights

89 EUR

Regular price when separately – 110 EUR

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