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The lightest, quietest and most compact mid-drive from CYC Motor, to convert any bike into an e-bike

CYC Motor Photon is a completely new product introduced to the offer for the 2023 season. The KIT has a different construction than other CYC Motor mid-drives – first of all, it is completely silent and compact (no transmission chain).

CYC Motor PHOTON is the latest (2023) mid-drive for converting a bicycle into an e-bike. The KIT was designed from scratch, because it is structurally different from the previously developed X1 Pro and X1 Stealth drives. Nevertheless, it uses many common solutions, such as the bottom bracket, torque sensor or even the X6 controller and mobile app. The KIT has a compact design (no chain transferring the power from the engine to the crank), it is light and quiet. Suitable for most bicycles. is the only and authorized representative of CYC Motor in Poland and only of a few in Europe. We operate primarily as an on-line store (orders are processed via email and we sell all over Europe), although it is possible to pick up in person in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. We have spare parts available in stock. We provide warranty and post-warranty service. If you are interested in installing a kit purchased from us, you can also contact us.

Who is CYC Motor Photon for?

The Photon is designed with subtlety to ensure low noise and smooth performance in a compact body. Refined for adventure, you can experience torque sensing like never before. Silent, lightweight and compact mid-drive designed for hardtails, trekking, gravel and non-aggressive mountain riding, also on full susspension bikes.


Main features and specification of CYC Motor PHOTON

The CYC Motor Photon is managed by the same X6 controller as the X1 Pro and X1 Stealth kits. It also inherits other features and design solutions from the third generation of these drives.

  • Power up to: 1.200 W (nominal 250 W / 750 W / 1.000 W – firmware versions)
  • Max. torque (at crank): 110 Nm
  • Max. rpm (at crank): 190
  • Weight (motor & controller only): 3,3 kg
  • Total weight with crankset & BB: 4,1 kg
  • PAS & torque sensor: Integrated torque & cadence sensor
  • Bottom bracket: ISIS Splined, BSA/English Threaded & Pressfit options
  • BSA threaded frames: 68-83 mm & 100 mm
  • Pressfit frames: 41, 42, & 46 mm bottom bracket (with adapter)
  • Q-factor: 200 mm or 220 mm
  • Controller: Built-in CYC X6P
  • Rated Voltage: 36 V to 52 V
  • Efficiency: 82% with 90 N.m., 1.3kW input
  • Water-proof IP65
  • Crank arm length: 165mm or 175mm
  • Chainring: 34T, 38T, 50T
  • Display: SW102 or DS103
  • Full controll with thumb throttle
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Very good quality of materials and workmanship
  • Compact & aesthetics design
  • Ease of assembly
  • No ballast when pedaling without the motor
  • Quiet operation
  • NOTE! The bike may not meet the legal definition of an e-bike in your country.

The specification is indicative. It may differ from the actual one.

Specifications, instructions and other important information on the manufacturer’s website:

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